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Monday, March 1, 2010

A day to relax...

I needed to relax yesterday...

On Saturday we had our Cub Scout pack"s Blue and Gold Banquet, and it was truly wonderful this year, as is befitting the 100th year of scouting celebration.  We started loading the family truckster for set-up at 10am and were home and unloaded at 9pm...did my feet ever hurt.  Cooking for 150 people is truly an experience (not quite sure if I can recommend it), but I truly owe a debt of gratitude to Michelle, Marilyn, and Kristy who helped me in the kitchen, and with all the fun cleanup, and to Stacey for running interference as I shuttled hot pans of food from the kitchen to replenish the buffet line.

I woke up Sunday and did not feel like doing a thing (and I think I deserved it too), and since the only thing on the calender was a birthday party in the afternoon (Happy Birthday Seth!!), I didn't.  For an (almost) effortless lunch I sliced a cantaloupe nice and thin and wrapped it in some Prosciutto  I had in the fridge.  I also found a variety of cheeses to set out: Manchego from Spain, Gorgonzola dolce from Italy, and Dubliner from Ireland.  It was a completely accidental grouping of cheese, but they went beautifully together.  I also put out some hummus and a selection of whole grain crackers.   The only thing missing was a bowl of nice olives.  This is actually a fairly common way for us to lunch on the weekends, and one that I would highly recommend you give a try.

Prosciutto and Cantaloupe

Halve a ripe cantaloupe and scoop out the seeds.  Place cut side down and slice into 1/4" slices; remove the peel from the slices.  Lay out a paper thin slice of Prosciutto, top with a melon slice and wrap it up- it's as easy as that and so delicious.


  1. Tracey C. on Facebook said:
    the sunday spread looked wonderful but how did you find a ripe cantalope at the end of feb? do you have a trick for ripening them? i know putting apples, pears, and avacadoes in a brown paper bag works , but i didnt know if it would work on a cantalope. cantalope is one of my favorite fruits but the ones ive bought recently have been hard :(
    March 1 at 2:24pm

  2. Mary S. on Facebook said:
    I bought the melon at Kroger and it sat on the counter next to that basket of fruit (pictured) for a few days...don't know if it helped or I lucked into a good one, but it tasted really good and sweet.
    March 1 at 2:45pm

  3. Tracey C. on Facebook said:
    Hmmm maybe they will ripe on the counter?
    March 1 at 3:15pm


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