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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Week 5

Here's the tally for week 5:

3/21      Kroger    $13.12     (Attack of the Sweet Tooth!!!)
3/22      Kroger    $34.55
3/25      Aldi        $69.30
3/25     Kroger    $35.95

$2.92 over.  Last week I was almost $30 under, but over again this week; I was really hoping for two weeks running :(
The trip to Kroger on the 21st was made by Ben and Chris.  The boys (lead, of course, by the big one) had a sweet tooth so ventured to the grocery to satisfy it.  They came home with not one, but FIVE different kinds of jellybeans (and a small dark chocolate Easter bunny for mom).  What am I to do with them?
Here's hoping we do better in the coming week...

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