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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Week 2

 Here's the tally for week 2...

3/01   Kroger      $25.93
3/02   Aldi          $54.87
3/02   Kroger      $35.71
3/05  Noonans   $22.06
3/05  Kroger      $28.23

$16.80 over.  When I pointed out that I was$18 under the first week, Ben's reply was "Justify it how you wish."  True, BUT I do wish to note that on the trip to Kroger on the 5th he put in the cart a Miller Home Draft Kit that was $19.99 (plus tax!!), so really, I was (kinda) under.  As a side note- he has had this kit for two days now and reports that it was not worth the extra expense, and that the beer was actually a bit flat.

The trip to Kroger on the 1st was Ben's and he made me proud :)  He came home with three packages of cheese that had been marked down, including a very nice Cappiello that we had over the weekend.

Noonans is a liquor store and I needed a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey to make my burgers today.

While I went over budget this week, I did find myself putting things back on the shelf, a definite change for me.  By cutting the beer and liquor purchase this week, I would have shaved over $40 from the total, certainly something to consider when setting a budget.  Another thought for the week- Ben, Chris, and I ate out at Buffalo Wild Wings, and while we enjoyed our meal, the tab was $51 BEFORE the tip, and the quality did not warrant the cost.  Another reason we don't eat out often.

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