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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here (continued)...

The head of that path along the south side of the house last summer, all green and lush.

I am just not feeling like writing about food today (gasp!!), but as I sit here waiting for phone calls to be returned (don't people realize that even we homemakers have something we would rather be doing), I am gazing out my back door, and at all the trees aching to burst with bud.   Thinking of all I have yet to accomplish in my personal piece of the great outdoors, I decided to share a few photos from last year.  These are just "big view" photos, not the many (many, many) individual flower pics I have taken.  Take a moment to have a peek and dream of the seasons yet to come...

The mailbox last September, the vine is "Sweet Autumn" clematis.
The back yard.  It is hard to tell from the photo, but the back corner is very steep, so I made it one huge planting area so that Ben wouldn't injure himself mowing it.
We eat nearly every meal on the deck when the weather is nice.
 One of many meals on the deck last year.
The patio where we spend many wonderful evenings.
The view of the patio from the yard- it will be very private once the plantings have gained more size.  I planted this bed to celebrate (finally!) getting my degree.
The AC unit and a potting area are very nicely hidden.
Where I like to work some magic when I'm not in the kitchen.  
This sheltered spot is behind the garage.
I call this my "Monster Rose," a climber called Zephirine Drouhin that I cut down nearly to the ground every year, but comes back with a vengeance (more than one storey tall last year).  This is near our front door and the fragrance is magnificent. 


  1. what an amazing place you have! a labor of love no doubt, to maintain it year-round, but it doesn't feel like such a chore when you love flowers and plants like you obviously do. perhaps you'll add a 'gardening tips' page, i for one could surely use it!!

  2. Thanks Dana,

    I do love working in the gardens and find it very peaceful to go around every morning to deadhead the blooms. It had crossed my mind to do a gardening page as well, but will have to see if I get that dreaded skinny envelope next month reference my grad school app.


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