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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Week 4

Here's the tally for Week 4:

3/15   Kroger      $44.05
3/16   Wal-Mart  $26.14
3/19    Kroger     $41.79
3/20   Kroger      $28.50

$9.52 under, and again, there were purchases that could have easily been cut had it been necessary (isn't it lovely to have a nice bottle of wine with dinner though?).

The last trip to Kroger was Ben's, and one that made me so happy.  I left the house yesterday at 645 am and did not return until almost 6pm (but I am now a certified trainer for the Boy Scouts of America, for whatever that is worth :).  I arrived home to the most wonderful smell of burgers on the grill- my sweetie had not only shopped, but was making dinner for my arrival home.  Ben made the tastiest Bacon Blue Burger I think I had ever had.  He made thin patties of ground chuck, sandwiched a layer of blue cheese between two patties and then sealed them around the edges.  He topped the burgs with some bacon, more blue cheese, and a slice of Swiss to melt and hold it all on top.  OMG, burger heaven!!  I am so sorry that I don't have a picture, but we were so hungry, and they smell so good, that we just ate them right up :)  To make up for a lack of picture, I'll give you one of my handsome young Webelos Scout instead- after all, it was to be able to train the leaders of these boys that I spent the day away from home anyway...


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