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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Week 3

Here's the tally for Week 3...

3/07   Kroger         $29.62
3/09   Kroger         $31.26
3/12   Aldi             $62.12

$27 UNDER!! 

On the trip to Aldi, I knew I had roughly $89 dollars left in the budget, so I kept track of what I was spending, rounding everything up to the nearest quarter dollar.  Approaching the checkout I had figured on $65 and my total was $62.12 (it is better to over estimate than under) .

If I started couponing again, the savings could potentially be huge, but alas, I have found that I really no longer have the patience for it (getting older, getting lazy, or just no true need for it?).  I no longer really use coupons, except for the occasional "Free" item, or the "$" off entire purchase that you get from Kroger.

What I find amazing with this total is that I still purchased wine and beer this week, meaning that the actual cost of food, toiletries, and cleaning products was well under $100.  I am really curious now to see what the upcoming week will bring...

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