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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grocery Challenge, Week 1

 Here it is, the tally for week 1, and yes, I do shop a lot.

Feb 21  Wal-Mart      $18.99
Feb 22  Kroger          $36.66
Feb 23  Target           $13.67
Feb 25  Kroger          $35.99
Feb 26  Aldi               $8.07
Feb 27  Aldi               $7.14
Feb 27 Minnich's       $11.00
Total Week 1            $131.52

I had no large shopping trips, but as you can see, those little trips add up pretty quickly. I did however, meet the goal this week and stayed within the budget.

During the Feb 25 visit to Kroger I kept track of how much I was spending, and when I got to the checkout I was only off by a few cents (I didn't account for the tax on a bottle of wine).

On the 26th I was in Aldi to buy meatballs (30lbs. worth!!) for our cub scout pack's Blue and Gold Banquet on Saturday.  Whilst there, my eyes were drawn to 8oz. packages of Dubliner cheese for only $2.69 each.  I bought three for the price that one package would have cost elsewhere.  Sometime in the next week or two the family shall dine upon burgers made with Irish whiskey (it's in the meat!), onions carmelized with Irish whiskey, and the whole wonderful mess topped with the Dubliner cheese (I can't wait!).


  1. hi mary! glad you introduced me to your blog. i'be been having the same idea for a while now but simply lacked the discipline to keep track of all the bills. problem is i was always going to do the math at the end of the month, it makes so much more sense to just do it every week. maybe now i'll finally manage. i wish the aldi by me was better, i know the store from germany and there it's quite good, but the couple times i went i was dissapointed. take care!

  2. Good luck with the budget- I was in Kroger yesterday and actually found myself putting stuff back (don't usually do that!). Our Aldi is fairly new and I do like shopping there very much. If you enjoyed my blog, please consider following. Have a great day :)

    PS That certainly is a cutie in your arms :)

  3. Tracey C. on Facebook said:
    I visited our aldi here for the first tiime has some good things but i was perplexed at the fact that they sell avacados individually but they didnt sell any jalapenos. I had to go by kroger to get that to make my guacamole.
    February 28 at 6:34pm

  4. Mary S. on Facebook said:
    Ours are directly across the street from each other so it's easy to start at Aldi, then finish at Kroger...I have become quite a fan at Aldi (only started shopping there last summer, and Chris likes to collect carts in the lot for quarters :)
    February 28 at 6:40p

  5. Tracey C. on Facebook said:
    haha well that is a good money making idea. good for him. I think aldi has come a long way.
    February 28 at 7:23pm


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