Real Food for Real Life

Kitchen Tips

 A list of quick tips to help out in the kitchen, cause face it, we could all use a little help sometimes...

 Asparagus  Crisp, not limp.
Avocados  Slicing and dicing those slippery fruits.
Banana Abundance   What to do with too many bananas.
Bones and Shells   Ham bones and shrimp shells.
Bread  Drying for homemade cubes and crumbs.
Budget Minders   Lemon and lime juice, olive oil, and ginger.
Cheese   What to do with those leftover dibs and dabs.
Chicken Bones   Save them, don't throw them out.
Chicken Bones (and a ham bone too)  Making soup.
Citrus Leavin's   You've zested and juiced what?
Cleaning Out the Fridge  Make a tasty pasta salad.
Fresh Herb Storage   Fresh, tasty, and easy to use.
Ideas for fresh green beans  
Roasting Peppers   Easy on the grill.
Spatzle Maker   Don't spend a lot, create your own.
Waste Not, Want Not  A bag of goodies in the freezer.
45 things to do with fresh sage   Use that wonderful abundance.
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