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Friday, February 5, 2010

Cool stuff...

If you have been reading the blog over the last few days, you have undoubtedly noticed a lot of changes.  Not feeling so well this week has given me time to poke around and see what I can do to make the site better, and I think I have.  The overall layout I find more aesthetically pleasing, and I think you will find it to be more user friendly.  At the top of the page, directly under the photo of spicy red pepper sauce (one of my all time favorite foods), you will find a recipe index.  Now you can easily find any recipes you liked, or just see if any sound intriguing, without having to look through old posts.  I have changed the recipe tags to large groupings, like crockpot cooking,or kitchen tips, in case you are looking for inspiration in those areas.  I hope to make this site a go-to resource, even for myself, so that if I am away from home (like in that South Carolina condo one day), I can find favorite recipes without having my cookbook collection handy.

Poking around other food blogs, I noticed that a lot of them were linked to a site called The Foodie Blogroll.  I entered my blog to the site for consideration and was accepted.  A few days later I received an invitation to list my blog with another site called Petichef.  You will see widgets for both of these sites in my sidebar.  This is all kinda cool and may expose my blog to a wider readership.  You may have also noticed that I have finally figured out how to make embedded links part of my post- this also should make the site easier to use.

I hope you find the changes helpful, and as always, if you have any suggestions for improvement (or a recipe that you really, really want covered), just let me know.  If you are a regular (or even just occasional) reader, please click "follow" and let me know you are out there- by clicking "follow" you aren't bothered by pesky emails or such- but, if you do wish to receive an email update for new posts, click on "subscribe" in the sidebar.  If you know anyone who you think might enjoy the site please share the link with them.  Thanks for reading everyone, I'm having a great time with this :) 

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