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Monday, June 21, 2010

Just some food related photos and thoughts...

This is the cookbook Nicole brought me from Prague.  The English translation is a little shakey, and there are some unfamiliar ingredients and measurements (internet research, here I come), but I can't wait to start cooking from this most welcome addition to my collection.
Father's Day of corned beef hash and eggs, one of Ben's favorites.  We cheat this one often and use canned hash, and have determined that the Aldi store brand hash is the best, even beating the national brands (it is meatier and less fatty).
Ben's Father's Day dinner...grilled porterhouse steak with seasoned butter, grilled lobster tails, steamed broccoli, and a whole grain brown and wild rice mix.  This was an over the top meal well deserved (and enjoyed) by my dear husband on his day.  Chris tried lobster for the second time and decided that he REALLY likes it (great, with his love of sushi, could this boy develop more expensive tastes?).
This is the rice blend we had for our Father's Day dinner.  The Lundberg Wild Blend is delicious, full of nutty, chewy flavor.  I love this blend, and while it does take a while to cook, it is super simple and I serve it completely plain, no butter. sauce, or even salt (although it is great tossed with grilled/sauteed veggies).  I get this at Kroger for two and change, but I'm sure it is available at other major retailers.
I call this "The Girlfriend Spread," and while Arnita and I didn't eat all this, we did make a big dent in it (yum, yum).  Margaritas, chunky guacamole and salsa with tortilla chips, hummus with roasted red pepper blended in, and a very nice baked brie using sundried tomato pesto.  A good friend, good food, and good drink...what more could a girl ask for for a fantastic evening ;-)
A pitcher of margarita perfection.   
Arnita had to drive home,so that just meant more for me (!).
On the rocks, the best way...
Okay, another shot...Arnita took these photos, just showing that I have my friends trained right!

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