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Friday, January 29, 2010

A day for nothing...

Here it is Friday and a day to kick back and do absolutely nothing (of consequence anyway). I have spent the day hours this week doing all kinds of cub scout record keeping, and for myself, the preparation of materials for a graduate school application. I'll have to keep you posted on how that goes- I'm only applying to one school (always a risky move), but hopefully this fall I'll be sharing with you quick and easy recipes and tips :) Tuesday evening was the monthly pack meeting for all of our cub scouts- there were cubbies crossing over to become boy scouts, pinewood derby and popcorn sales prizes to be had, and many awards for our hardworking boys. Wednesday evening was the cub camping rally at the scout achievement center. Yesterday was my birthday and my husband surprised me with a wonderful dinner out at Carlo and Johnny in Montgomery, Ohio. I would certainly recommend this restaurant for a nice evening out and am including the link so you can check it out yourself. I had the fish, Ben had steak, and Christopher, the little gourmand, elected to have sushi for dinner, this evening adding the spicy tuna roll to his repertoire.

Not much cooking happened this week- Monday evening Chris helped me make peanut butter cookies (he claims his fork marks were better than mine), and Tuesday I baked brownies. Both were taken to the pack meeting and devoured by the cubbies and their sibs. Chris complained at first that "his" cookies weren't disappearing as quickly as the brownies, but ended up complaining that there was nothing left. Dinner Tuesday evening was simple since we had to head out for the evening- I made my mother in law's salmon again, but substituted the lemon juice and slices for lime, and the dill for cilantro. This was perfect with leftover Mexican rice with black beans from an earlier meal. Wednesday I cooked nada- we ate at the camping rally, and again nada on Thursday.

Tonight however I am going to try something new. Chris asked at dinner last night if we could make sushi at home and I told him no, that making sushi took a lot of culinary training, but I was shopping at Meijer this morning and ended up buying Japanese rice, nori sheets, pickled ginger, sushi vinegar, and wasabi. What the heck, I'm game, and I'm going to give it a shot- I mean, how bad could it really be (not so pretty maybe, but bad?). We will have our sushi with noodle bowls made with Monday's leftover roast pork. I'll let you know tonight or tomorrow how it all comes out...

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