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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Hashmaster

Yesterday morning the dear hubby made breakfast for the family, one of his specialties, corned beef hash and eggs. Although he usually uses a canned hash (Aldi brand is better than Kroger and Hormel), he cooks it up nice and crisp, with perfectly cooked eggs in little pockets within. The guys love this, and I think it is okay too, because while I still have cleanup duty, I'm not cooking AND cleaning up as usual. The day after Thanksgiving he made a wonderful hash with leftover bits of ham, turkey and veg, and on January 2nd he made a kick-ass fresh corned beef hash with our dinner leftovers from the night before. It almost made me swear off the canned stuff (I said almost). Making hash and getting those eggs perfect is one aspect of cooking that I will defer to the hubs- why mess with a good thing.

The turkey dat hash can see clearly the eggs cooking in their little pockets.

The finished turkey day hash...notice the about taking it over the top :)

The leftover corned beef...once it was chilled I cut off the top layer ofg fat. We were able to get Reuben sandwiches as well as the hash from these leftovers. One roast, three meals, can't beat that.
The finished hash with pumpernickel toasts, also left over from New Years.

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