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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Long time no see (read)...

Cholula Chipotle Wings
Hello's been awhile, hasn't it?  I wrapped up my first semester of grad school yesterday and does it ever feel good to be done.  A few other students have told me that the first semester is the hardest and that it gets easier now...let's just hope that's true :)  I certainly learned that I need to improve my time management skills...and to think, I always thought those were pretty good :)  Oh well...I'll write about the past semester sometime soon on my other blog if you're interested in the gory details.

I've got lots to share, and with it nearly being Christmas, lots more to here's hoping for some consistent writing efforts (for a while anyway).  When I last wrote in October, I had earlier in the week received a shipment of Cholula salsas picantes (hot sauces) to review.  The Cholula has a wonderful flavor and for that I would recommend it; but if you are looking for heat, you'll want to look elsewhere.  I found the original to be a wonderful addition to a fried egg on toast (Christopher's comment- "You want some egg with your hot sauce?").  The Chili Garlic we sprinkled on our Pasta de Picadillo where it added a very nice note.  The Chili Lime I'm not to sure of, I'm going to have to try it with some chicken or fish.  The Chipotle I found to be very tasty, with just a touch of sweetness to set off the smokiness.  This one I have found particularly enjoyable sprinkled on cheese pizza.  Remembering how much I liked the chipotle maple sauce I had tossed my oven baked wings with, I decided to try the Cholula Chipotle as a wing sauce.  I took some crispy wings from the oven and tossed them in the Cholula, no butter or anything else added, and this was indeed a wonderful use for the sauce, and it could not have been any easier.  If you are looking for a "hot" sauce with a lot a flavor but a mild heat, Cholula is a must try.

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  1. On Facebook Tracey said: glad u are getting a break..i have missed your foodie blogs :)
    Saturday at 10:37pm


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