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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some (foodie) things that make me happy...

I have been really busy with scouts and working outside, so the dining the last few days has consisted of leftovers, and last night we ate at the Texas Roadhouse, an inexpensive and kid friendly chain that Christopher loves to eat at.  Today I thought I would share some things that make me happy (at least as it relates to food).  These are in no particular order, but let you know a little about me...

 Christopher loves to help with the cooking when we go camping...
and he makes the best veggie soup and chili :)

Salsas Picantes...
I usually have 8 to 12 different hot sauces around at any given time.
 What is better than to sit at the end of the day
and drink wine with friends...James Joyce

The wine rack was a wedding gift, and 
Ben gave me the wine fridge for our last anniversary.
Avocados, chilies, limes, and tomatoes...
Some of the best fresh veggie ingredients.
 (just need to add summer corn, red bell peppers, sweet onions, and tomatillos)

This is toasted coconut on a Pastel Tres Leches I made.

Carnitas is a food group all on it's own...
( although al pastor is pretty darn good as well :)

A pairing of wine and cheese...
(but, oh, let me tell you about red wine and dark chocolate...)

When my darling husband cooks for me :)

Ben does the charcoal or wood fire grilling, but
I probably cook on the gas grill as much as he does.

More often than not, I will cook with the intention of having leftovers.  These provide not only ready lunches and frozen meals to share with my grandfather, but provide endless opportunities to "re-purpose" the leftovers into new meals.


  1. Thanks for just the right recipe, presented so appetizingly! Happy Easter!

  2. and dark chocolate!! Thanks for the good recipes. This site always makes me soooo hungry!

  3. Thanks!! Jeanie, I just got some "Chocovine" that I am going to write about in the next day or two.


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