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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michael Symon redux...

Michael Symon's Mac and Cheese with Roasted Chicken

I had scored both goat cheese and a rotisserie chicken dirt cheap at Kroger, and used them both one night when I was in need of quick, easy eats. I love Michael Symon and his approach to cooking, and I've made his mac and cheese recipe a few times now, but have always made it as a side, and left out the chicken.  This was so incredibly good with the shredded rotisserie chicken folded in, that I jut had to share it again.  This would make a perfect weeknight meal accompanied with a green salad.

Hot and bubbly out of the oven.

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  1. On Facebook:
    Tracey said: It looks that tri colored noodles? I cant seem to learn to like goat cheese or any strong cheese like blue cheese or roquefort..any of those... but i bet it would be good with a milder one as well. I love how you take your bargains and put them to good use in dishes..being versatile is how we come up with some good stuff!
    August 11 at 11:33am

    On Facebook:
    Casa En La Cocina said: Thanks! Ben doesn't like goat cheese either, but he does like this dish, so this might be a good way for you to try it again...just cut the recipe WAY down b/c it makes a lot. And yes, that is a tri-colored pasta (another bargain buy :)
    August 11 at 11:59am


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