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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A boy's request...

Banana Smoothie

Christopher has been on a banana smoothie binge this week (but who could argue a healthy treat like this?).  Every morning this week he has started his day with a smoothie accompanied by a peanut butter chip waffle (I made a stack of these on Monday).  He was pestering me this morning to put this simple breakfast on the blog, so I got out the camera and here it is :)

Banana Smoothie

banana (frozen or not)
low-fat or fat-free vanilla yogurt (I buy this in 32oz. containers)
low-fat or skim milk

This is not really a "recipe," I just drop things in and blend away.  This vanilla yogurt and milk base is good for amy variety of smoothies (we've tried a bunch).
Drop a few spoonfuls of yogurt into your blender (maybe 1/2 cup or so).  Add one banana broken into pieces (frozen ones are particularly nice for this) and 1/2 cup or so of milk.  Blend until smooth and pour into a tall glass; stir in a little additional milk to reach the desired consistency (think milkshake).  If I have them around, Chris likes a maraschino cherry on top with a bit of the syrup drizzled in (a trick to make any kid drink "fancy").  Serve

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