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Monday, July 5, 2010


We have just crossed the Ohio River back into Cincinnati.

I didn't want to leave South Carolina, but we are back home in Ohio.  This past week has been truly wonderful, and I would recommend Edisto Island for any who prefer a more secluded and less "touristy" vacation.  We wrapped up the trip in Charleston with a visit to Patriot's Point (very appropriate considering the holiday weekend), a trip to Market Street for a fabulous dinner at Hyman's Seafood (Carolina Delight, yum!), and a night of Rockin' on the Point, an annual series of weekend concerts/parties at the Charleston Marina and Resort (check out the group The Plainfield Project, a cross between Phish and Bob Marley).

The most perfect beach, anywhere.

We did most of our own cooking in the condo we rented, but did eat out a few times and enjoyed some wonderful Southern specialties, including: soft shell crabs, low country boil, fried oyster (me) and shrimp (Ben) po' boys, fried green tomatoes, tomato pie, key lime pie, boiled peanuts, and grits, grits, and more grits.

Ben cooked dinner one night and made one of Christopher's easy favorites, sloppy Joes (not the disgusting Manwich variety).  I was sitting at the counter bar chatting with Ben as he cooked, and he asked (very indignantly, mind you) why I wasn't taking pictures and blogging when HE was doing the cooking (I've actually mentioned his cooking a lot here, haven't I?).  So I picked up my camera and obliged.  These sandwiches are super easy to make, and not to bad for you to boot, provided you use a lean ground meat (whole grain buns are a nice addition too).

My sweetie, hard at work.
Sloppy Joes, roasted potato wedges,
and mac and cheese.

Sloppy Joes

1 lb. lean ground meat (chuck, sirloin, pork loin, turkey, or chicken)
1 large onion, diced
drizzle of olive or canola oil
about 8 oz. of your favorite BBQ sauce (homemade or purchased)
yellow prepared mustard
coarse salt and fresh ground black pepper
burger buns of choice, to serve

In a large nonstick saute pan, sweat the onion with a drizzle of oil over medium heat until softened, but not brown, about 5 minutes.  Add the ground meat and brown, breaking up the clumps; season with salt and pepper.  Once the meat is browned, spoon off any fat (there should not be much, if any, if you used lean meat).  Stir in the BBQ sauce and a big squirt of the mustard (2 tablespoons or so).  Taste and adjust seasonings and add more BBQ and mustard, as necessary.  Serve on buns with additional mustard for those who want it (me).

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