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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Too easy to believe...

Grilled tuna and French potato salad on baby arugula

I was looking at Gina's blog the other day and was intrigued by the grilled tuna she had so simply prepared.  I have never grilled tuna, but since I had some frozen tuna steaks in the freezer that I had picked up at Aldi to try, I thought it was time to give it a go.  I prepared mine a bit differently by brushing the tuna with a bit of extra virgin olive oil, and grilled it to medium instead of rare.  This fish was so absolutely delicious that we will be doing this again, and soon!!  We had ours with a French style potato salad (vinaigrette instead of mayo) and it all went together perfectly for dinner on a hot summer day.

Easy Grilled Tuna

tuna steaks, about 1 inch thick
extra virgin olive oil
coarse salt and fresh ground black pepper

Let the tuna sit on the counter for a half hour or so to come to room temperature.  Brush lightly with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle both sides generously with salt and pepper.  Grill over high heat, one minute each side for rare and two minutes for medium.  Let rest for five minutes and enjoy, that easy!

French Potato Salad

3 lbs. small potatoes (I used Yukon Golds)
1 small red onion, peeled, quartered lengthwise and sliced thinly
2 handfuls fresh parsley leaves (I used flat leaf), chopped
1/3 cup lemon juice
2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tbs, Dijon mustard
1 clove garlic, minced
coarse salt and fresh ground black pepper

Wash the potatoes and cut into bite sized pieces (leave that peel on there!); cook in boiling water until tender but not mushy.  While the potatoes are cooking, cut up the onion and parsley and set aside.  Prepare the vinaigrette by whisking together the lemon juice, olive oil, mustard and garlic; taste and season as desired with the salt and pepper, but be pretty generous.  Once the potatoes are cooked, drain and toss immediately into a serving bowl with the vinaigrette.  Toss, adding the onion and parsley.  Let sit on the counter to come to room temperature, tossing occasionally.  Serve at room temperature.  Refrigerate any leftovers, but let come to (near) room temperature before eating.

Note:  We used no additional dressing for the arugula; there was enough vinaigrette on the potatoes for the greens as well.

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