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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some new summer tipplers...

Rye Tea

Summer is here so it is time for easy, breezy adult beverage for the hot, sultry evenings.  Ben had read about Rye whiskey and wanted to give it a try.  We both tried it on the rocks, but found it to be too sweet.  So what to do with a nearly full bottle of Rye?  I looked up recipes for cocktails using Rye, but they all seemed too complicated, and would necessitate the purchase of yet more bottles of liquor (we don't keep much on hand).  Pouring a glass of iced tea one evening, it occurred to me to try it with a shot of the Rye.  Eureka!!  A refreshing and pretty darned tasty use for the Rye...all it needed was a shot of citrus in the form of a big, juicy lemon wedge.

Rye Tea

1 shot Rye Whiskey
tea. sweet or not, your choice (I chose not)
juicy lemon wedge

Fill your desired glass with ice; squeeze a wedge of lemon over the ice before dropping it in the glass.  Add a shot of Rye and top off the glass with tea.  Drink and enjoy :)

Readers of this blog know that I love coconut.  That said, i don't like piña coladas, I find them to be too thick and sweet.  I was shopping a Kroger this week when I found a can of coconut juice.  This set my mind to turning about making a margarita using the juice...I love coconut and I love margaritas, what could be more perfect?  Well, my dear friends, just for you (insert big smile here) I played with the ingredients, did away with the triple sec after the first try, brought in the leftover Coco Lopez on subsequent attempts, and came up with a pretty good Cocorita.


3 shots coconut juice
2 shots tequila blanco (did I mention this was a potent one? :)
1 tsp. Coco Lopez
1 juicy lime wedge

Fill your glass of choice with ice; anchor a juicy wedge of lime on the side.  Into a cocktail shaker add the coconut juice, tequila, and Coco Lopez.  Shake  vigorously a few times and pour over the ice in the glass.  Before drinking, squeeze in the lime and drop the wedge in the glass.  Drink and enjoy :)

I love sitting on my deck.

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