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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Timely Tip

We have been so busy lately that there has not been time for involved cooking, although I did (at Christopher's request) make a pretty tasty batch of Sloppy Joes (no Manwich here, please).

What I did manage to do this week was clean out my bread drawer of all those odds and ends of leftover bread. I don't throw these out, I instead cut them up into small cubes and dry them on a pan for a day or two before storing away in a plastic canister. The dried cubes I can use to make stuffing, or throw in the blender and make my own bread crumbs. I do this with all sorts of breads (except sweet ones- but those are good for bread puddings), and the resulting mix is tastier than what you can buy at the store, not to mention, much more economical. I keep a small canister of the bread crumbs around to use in recipes as needed, and it makes a good easy breading. With Thanksgiving arriving soon, start now saving those bread cubes, a mere 10 cups (not as much as you think) will make a nice pan of stuffing for your holiday meal.

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