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Friday, January 18, 2013

More orange stickers...

 My lunch- a cup of chicken salad with spinach and grape tomatoes,
tastier than it sounds, it just needed more tomatoes.

It is no secret that I love Manager's Special stickers (orange at Kroger and red at Meijer), and it seems that each week I go to Kroger I find at least one rotisserie chicken for $3.59 (and last week I had a coupon for 80 cents off!).  What do I care if they were cooked the previous day.  Each chicken will make several meals, plus homemade chicken stock to boot, so what's not to love.  I used the last one to make a huge bowl of chicken salad that lasted us for nearly a week, and being filled with veggies, it was extra good for us, too.  I usually make chicken salad with reduced fat mayo, but used fat free sour cream here to lighten it up even more.  Not being fans of mayo heavy salads anyway, the switch suited us just fine.

Chicken Salad

1 rotisserie chicken
1/2 medium red onion, small dice
celery, including the leafy parts, 2 cups of small dice
romaine, 1 cup thin shreds (use the crunchy ends)
1 cup fat free sour cream
2 T dijon mustard (or more)
salt to taste and a generous amount of fresh ground black pepper

Take the meat from the chicken, reserving the skin, bones, and yucky bits for your stock pot.  Shred the meat well with your fingers and toss with the veggies.  Mix the mustard into the sour cream before folding into the chicken mixture, being sure to coat everything well (it may seem "drier" than you are used to).  This will make about 8 cups of chicken salad.  This tastes particularly good with tomatoes, whether on the side, or sliced on a sandwich.

WW PointsPlus Value: each cup is 4 points

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