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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A decadent New Year's treat...

 Baked Lobster Tail, Fillet Mignon,Harvest Rice Blend,
and Bleu Cheese and Pomegraaete Topped Salad

 Usually we have  corned beef boil on New Year's Day, but this year we wanted to change it up a bit and went all out.  Earlier in the week I had seen Tyler Florence do an ultimate surf and turf with baked lobster, and having both lobster tails and some nice beef fillet in the freezer I knew exactly what we were going to have.  This lobster was so buttery and delicious, and I have to agree with all the reviewers who said the crumb topping would be good on anything...I even topped the fillets with them before popping them under the broiler.

I did deviate from the recipe and used some leftover slices of roasted garlic bread to make the crumbs and skipped adding additional garlic (if you look closely at the bread you will see that it is full of whole roasted cloves).  We had the tails and fillets with a rice blend of brown, red, and wild rices (a steal at Costco) and a salad dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and topped with bleu cheese crumbles and pomegranate arils.  You have to give this super easy to make luxury a try sometime soon...get the recipe here.

 Making the crumbs in the food processor.
 Rather than splitting the tails, I used kitchen shears and snipped off the bottom shell.
This huge container of rice was only $6 and change at Costco and it was so nutty and delicious.


  1. On Facebook David said: I love lobster. And you don't have a ton of leftovers like you do with turkey and ham
    January 1 at 5:56pm

    Casa en la Cocina: I love leftovers Dave...we had the ham on New year's eve :-)
    January 2 at 6:13pm

    David: We did too and now we will be having ham a lot. I love it
    January 2 at 6:22pm

    Casa en la Cocina: I boiled up the bone (left lots of meat on it) and tomorrow I'm gonna cook kale and white beans in it...yummy ;-)
    January 2 at 7:06pm

  2. On Facebook David said: Love white beans with ham not sure about the Kale I don't think I ever had it
    January 2 at 11:55pm

    Casa en la Cocina: think collards but without the long cooking time...
    January 3 at 7:15am

    David: Well love all those greens. It is a southern thing you know. Collard, Mustard, Spinach, Turnip, Dandalion, etc.
    January 3 at 9:28am ·


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